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Statistical Coaching

Our statistical coaching brings you the possibility to carry out your own statistical analysis while you are being guided by our experts.  The coachee is opportunely trained on specific topics as the project demands.

At the end of the coaching participants will have been trained and will be able to conduct future statistical analysis by themselves.

We will work with you at the beginning of the project to understand what are your goals and plan a strategy to make sure you will achieve them. Sometimes we might do things together and sometimes you will need to work alone to face real difficulties and learn how to address them.

Our analysts can also help you report and present results obtained from your own analysis, if, for example, the final report is to be made publically available or to be white-labelled and presented to one of your clients, partners or authority.

For example, we help academics to write up their statistical analysis and results for peer-review publication. Since we all have worked in the academic sector, we are placed to know and advise on what information you need to include for publication.